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World Explorer


** ATTENTION: THIS GAME REQUIRES A GOOD INTERNET CONNECTION TO LOAD THE MAPS **This game uses Google Maps allowing you to travel around our beautiful world to discover lots of wonderful landmarks and countries!
The objective is to find out which landmark/country you are visiting at the moment.
FEATURES:* 2 modes* 300+ locations * 1500+ hints* wikipedia info for each location* tablet support
There are two modes available:
WHAT IS THAT?Find out which landmark you are visiting!Examples: Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, etc...
WHERE IS IT?Find out which country you are visiting!Examples: Brazil, France, China, Indonesia, etc...
To make things easier, you may ask for hints, move the map, zoom in/out and change between satellite and map mode. Any help action cost some points, so the less help you ask, more points you get!
Explore the world!!!